Multilingual conferencing technology

Do you need simultaneous translation for your international conference? We offer the necessary infrastructure!

(of course we also offer direct sound reinforcement for clear speech intelligibility, without any translation – that goes without saying!)

  • Interpreting systems for up to 32 different languages with digital infrared receivers
  • Audiopack interpreting booths according to EU standards
  • Voting system with 7” tablets or keypads
  • Digital sound and lighting technology
  • Video technology for transmission (to other rooms or live stream on the Internet) and recording of the event
  • Experienced interpreters for all languages
  • Modern Bosch Dicentis discussion microphones
  • Auto-dome cameras combined with the respective active delegate microphones

Our Services

Consulting, conceptualization, and planning of your event
Fulfilment of your requirements and ideas
Organisation and provision of the necessary infrastructure

Areas of Application

  • Feedback at symposia and conferences (surveys)
  • Live online streaming of the event
  • Guided tours for company visits
  • Interpreting systems for small rooms, telephone conferences and exhibitions
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